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Welcome to my website! As a professional writer and expert in the life of Princess Diana and her family, I hope to share and create a better understanding of her life and story through my books. Please enjoy!   

Deb Stratas 

"Princess Diana's extraordinary first year of royal life."

"Ten years later - is the fairytale over?" 

"The life, loves and triumphs of Princess Diana's final two years."



Victoria Arbiter, CNN Royal Commentator says: 

“At Home with Diana offers readers a poignant glimpse into the world of Diana, Princess of Wales as told through the walls of the homes which bore witness to her life’s greatest highs and lows. It’s a must-read for anyone with an enduring affection for the People’s Princess.”

In this companion book to the Diana Spencer trilogy, explore the Princess's story through the windows of her homes and palaces.  


Was it a fairy tale life at Buckingham Palace, Highgrove House and other sumptuous castles? What were holidays like at Balmoral Castle and Sandringham? What's it like to visit these residences today?

I have personally visited every single home and residence where Diana lived, worked, laughed and loved. Learn the history of these special places and valuable insider tips on planning your own visits. At Home with Diana is your guidebook to the homes of Diana, Princess of Wales - past and present.


Royal Central says: "This is my favourite of Deb’s books. I love that it gives details and advice on visiting the homes where Diana lived. "

    About Me

Writer. Thinker. Storyteller.

I am an proud British royalist fascinated with the English monarchy for decades - from the early days of the War of the Roses, through the Tudor era, the trials and triumphs of England during World War II, and the current royal House of Windsor.

Having an instant affinity to Lady Diana Spencer when she burst on the scene in 1980, I followed HRH Princess Diana throughout her entire life with all her ups and downs, and admired her through it all.


Having read many books about Diana, Princess of Wales myself, I decided to write the book I always wanted to read myself - that would capture the thoughts and feelings of this young Princess during her extraordinary entrance into royal life.


Living in Toronto, Canada, I enjoy time with my wonderful son Andy and his wife as well as my daughter Robin and her husband. I am also the proud grandmother of my granddaughter Eva.


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